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Driven by high demand for Minelab’s genuine products, there is currently a strong global black market in unauthorised copies of popular Minelab products.

As part of the GENUINE MINELAB; GENUINE PERFORMANCE; STOP COUNTERFEITS campaign, we are working to keep you informed to ensure you avoid fake Minelab products. This Campaign aims to protect the interests of you, our valued customers, as well as the authenticity and quality of Minelab’s products and brand.

Stop Counterfeits with New Security Labels

Minelab has put new large and small security labels onto control boxes and coils which contain hidden images.

To see these images, you need a large security viewer or the smaller security viewer strip which you hold over the label and then look through to see the image.

Gedreven door de grote vraag naar Minelab's orginele producten, is er momenteel
een sterke wereldwijde illegale kopieën handel aan de gang van een aantal 
populaire Minelab producten.

Op de Minelab website meer informatie hier over.

Link 1 Kijk HIER voor meer info
Link 2 Kijk HIER voor meer info



arge security labels - On GPX-4500, GPX 4800, GPX 5000
Large security labels - On GPX-4500, GPX 4800, GPX 5000
Small security labels - On Eureka Gold, X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack and Commander coils
Small security labels - On Eureka Gold, X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack and Commander coils


What is wrong with counterfeit products?

  • They CANNOT deliver the high performance of genuine Minelab products. People waste precious time and money with inferior products, missing valuable gold.
  • They CANNOT provide the durability and reliability of genuine Minelab products. People realise they are victims when they experience failures of counterfeit products in the field.
  • They DO NOT contain approved and tested high performance Minelab precision componentry and software.
  • They DO NOT have ANY level of Warranty or Service Centre support.

The added value and reassurance you gain from purchasing genuine Minelab products includes the Minelab product Warranty along with ongoing support in getting the best performance from your detector. You can read more about the support Minelab offers in our Customer Care Charter.

Where can I buy Genuine Minelab products?

The only way to guarantee you are purchasing genuine high quality Minelab products is to buy from an Authorised Minelab Dealer. To find an Authorised Dealer in your part of the world visit the Where to Buy page.

Is there a list of known counterfeit manufacturers or suppliers?

A list of the counterfeit manufacturers and suppliers reported to Minelab as supplying counterfeit products at this time can be found here.

Whilst this list is updated regularly, it does not include all active counterfeit manufacturers and suppliers but those that we are aware of at this time. The Minelab website has the most up to date information on known counterfeit manufacturers and suppliers.

Minelab strongly advises that you buy from Authorised Minelab Dealers or Distributors. If you have any doubts about a business selling our products, please contact us so we can inform you of their authorisation.


More information and latest updates

For instructions on how to verify your detector or if you would like the latest updates on our anti-counterfeit measures, there are three resources that contain more information:

  1. Counterfeit Warning www.minelab.com has the latest information on anticounterfeit activities. Just log on to the home page and click on the ‘Counterfeit Warning’ button.
  2. The Minelab Customer Guide is a brochure that is available here or from your Authorised Minelab Dealer.
  3. For interactive information and step by step instructions on how to verify your detector using the security viewers, please watch the counterfeit video below.




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